You can find an ice rink in the building, where young hockey and figure skater talents practice.

Figure skating camps are being held here every year by teams from Denmark, Finland and Belgium.
For young hockey players hockey camps are being held by the team Sparta Praha.

At specified times you can also see hobby hokej, skating courses and as it was mentioned – figure skating trainings of individuals, pairs and synchronized groups. Information about skating courses, figure skating and synchronized skating can be found on the website

The ice rink is also open for public skating hours.

The price is fixed for adults and children – 80,- CZK (for block, which is 1 hr 50 min). Non skating accompaniments for free.

Training hours 180

There are also special training, so called 180,- (The price is 180,- CZK for 50 min or 1h and 20 min – based on schedule), that are determined for figure skaters, possibly hockey players (without hockey sticks and pucks)

The occupancy of the ice rink can be found down below, on the website. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask the receptionist or call 271 747 128.

You can also rent skates and have them grinded. More information can be found on the website:

For reservation of the ice rink,

call: 271 746 632.

Ice rink schedule

ZS Pondělí 24.6.2024

ZS Úterý 25.6.2024

ZS Středa 26.6.2024

ZS Čtvrtek 27.6.2024

ZS Pátek 28.6.2024

ZS Sobota 29.6.2024

ZS Neděle 30.6.2024

ZS Pondělí 27.5.2024

ZS Úterý 28.5.2024

ZS Středa 29.5.2024

ZS Čtvrtek 30.5.2024

ZS Pátek 31.5.2024

ZS Sobota 1.6.2024

ZS Neděle 2.6.2024