1. Check in is from 14:00 (Can be moved after an agreement, if needed)
  2. Check out is until 10:30
  3. Guest can use free hotel parking, with knowing it is not being watched by the hotel and hotel is not responsible for possible losses or damages on guest’s car.
  4. Guest is responsible for damages that he causes on hotel’s property. The guest is obligated to announce any damage that has been done on the hotel’s property, even if the damage was caused by a children.
    The damages need to be paid for.
  5. It is forbidden to smoke anywhere in the whole building. Smoking on rooms will be fined 1.000,- CZK
  6. From 22:00 to 6:00 is the night peace, which means that guest has to adapt his behaviour based on this knowledge.
  7. There is no possibility of having a dog or any other animal in the building.
  8. The guest cannot without consent of the quartermaster make any notable changes in the room. (e.g. Moving furniture, taking furniture from the room etc.)
  9. There is a possibility to borrow an iron at the reception
  10. There is a possibility to borrow a hairdryer at the reception
  11. With every departure from the room, the guest has to check that the lights are off, water is closed and the room is locked.
  12. Breakfast are being served in the hotel restaurant daily from 7:00 to 9:30. After an agreement one day in advance it is possible to have breakfast packages made in the case of earlier/later departure.
  13. The hotel does not provide an exchange of the money. In the restaurant and at the reception it is only possible to pay in czech crowns or by card. It is not possible to pay with euro.
  14. Entering and leaving the hotel is possible 24/7 but after midnight the doors are being locked and guest has to ring the bell and prove themselves by the hotel card.
  15. For safety reasons it is forbidden to use your own electronic devices with the exceptions being electric razors, curling iron and phone and notebook chargers.
  16. We ask our guests to not throw anything from the Windows and to not put anything on the outside part of the windowsill.
  17. If guest has any wishes or complaints, he can always address respective hotel worker that will put maximum effort into solving the task.
  18. Violating the accommodation rules can be fined.